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bettienewsiteSJMIS Kindergarten has developed and grown tremendously since I started teaching here in 2009. The school is equipped to make the learning experience of each child fun filled in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Children between the ages of 3 and 6 develop rapidly on emotional, cognitive, social and physical levels. It is important for each child to reach the necessary milestones by learning the basic skills before they are burdened with formal education. Children learn through play based activities and educational lessons to interact with others, develop and stimulate their creative expression, cognitive abilities and curiosity, and develop both gross and small muscle groups of which all are needed for their future learning experiences. In short, we work towards developing the whole child and not only focus on cognitive skills. This way we have a well-balanced and happy little person.

As part of the program we include outdoor activities such as field trips where they learn to enjoy and appreciate their environment and nature. This includes outreach programs where children get the opportunity to develop empathy and provide for the less fortunate which also teach them to be thankful and appreciate the privileges they enjoy.

In all of this, our teachers guide and support their students in a loving and caring way to develop the needed skills equally well to prepare them for a future of happy learning.

To complete the circle we encourage the parents to be involved in close partnership with the school, and be part of their child’s growth and development.

We are thankful to our administration for their positive input and support in reaching the goals we set for a well-equipped and happy learning environment.


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