Thursday, December 13, 2018

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During the past four years major changes occurred in the curriculum of SJMIS Kindergarten. The focus evolved from desk-bound book work to hands-on play based activities addressing the holistic development of each child.


Preschool is a critical and diverse developmental period which provides each child with the basic skills to acquire an eagerness for lifelong learning. We are proud of the child-centered program that we developed, supported by age appropriate and developmentally sound activities. We have incorporated some components of the Creative Curriculum into our current program securing a more meaningful learning experience. Our integrated approach, with direct sensory input from the environment steers our children towards more positive learning outcomes.


By acknowledging the uniqueness of each child, our enthusiastic and dedicated team of teachers gently guides our students by offering opportunities to experience the joys of learning, to make decisions and solve problems to prepare them for everyday life challenges.


Our regular parents-child activities create a strong bond between school and home, strengthening the hands of our dedicated team of teachers. By working together our students know that we care and are there to support them all the way.


“Children are our greatest treasure. They are our future.” (Nelson Mandela)



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