Friday, January 18, 2019

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Mission and Vision


Saint John Mary International School visualizes itself as an International school with a dynamic learning community that challenges students to reach their academic, moral and social potential in order to become leaders of their generation, ready to impact others.



The mission of Saint John Mary International School is to:

  • Equip its students with a global perspective, providing knowledge and skills that prepare them for the challenges of a rapidly changing global society while preserving Thai customs and culture.

  • Provide a curriculum that will allow them to continue education in any school, college or university in their home country or abroad.

  • Pursue excellence in the academic growth of its students by setting high measurable standards built on an integrated curriculum and taught by a motivated and experienced teachers.

  • Work in close partnership with parents as it strives to nurture excellence in the social, mental and physical growth of its students by teaching them in a supportive and safe environment, against the backdrop of an open multicultural atmosphere. This kind of education has significant impact on a student's values, promoting the qualities of discipline, responsibility, loyalty and perseverance.