Friday, January 18, 2019

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Medical Clinic

Health and Safety

clinicup0St. John Mary has the services of a nurse’s station with a certified nurse. If students are feeling sick they need to go to the sick room with a pass from the teacher unless of course it is an emergency situation. One student may accompany a sick student if necessary. However, it is not necessary that the accompanying student remain as it often hinders the service to have too many people in the sick room at any one time. The responsibility of the school nurse is to give frst aid for emergencies, treat minor injuries, and provide nursing care for illnesses occurring at school. Students and parents are to ensure that the nurse has an update if the student is taking any special medication or if he/she has any allergies. A fully equipped f rst aid kit is kept in each classroom and taken on all f eld trips for minor cuts and bruises. Parents please do not send a student to the nurse’s station for a problem which should be taken care of at home. The school nurse does not diagnose illness. Diagnosis is left to the student’s physician.


The Medical Clinic


Student Accident Insurance Policy

The students at St. John Mary are covered by an accident-insurance policy. This policy provides coverage for any injury occurred while he/she is under the care and direction of the school. It provides secondary coverage for students covered by other private or employer group policies and primary coverage for students with no other coverage. 

Please report all school related accidents to the office within 24 hours. There is no coverage for damage to or loss of personal property, including vehicles parked on campus. For further information contact the Administration Offce.