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The Residence Halls

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Residence Halls

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Students whose parents or guardians do not reside in Saraburi can request to live on the school campus. Dorms for boys and girls can house about 100 students each. The accommodation offers a unique opportunity to learn and experience international understanding as well as cultural enrichment possibilities to all who seek to appreciate the different backgrounds of their fellow students from Thailand and even other parts of the world. Please follow the rules and regulations of the dormi tories posted on the bulletin board of the residence halls.

Use of Residence Halls
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Dormitories are more than a place for sleeping. They are places in which to live and learn. They should establish a setting for maturing and polishing character and personality.

Guests - Students are held responsible at all times for their own conduct and also for the conduct of those visiting in their rooms. Visitors must obtain permission from the dorm deans before entering the

Room Furnishings and Care - Dormitory students are expected to provide their own towels, bedding, pillows, toilet articles, and personal requisites.

Students are required to care of their own rooms and are expected to observe habits of neatness and carefulness about the premises. Room furniture should not be re moved without permission. Room rent includes the use of approved lighting and other facilities. Room rent will be charged if personal belongings are left behind during long vacation periods. The student's f xed deposit will be held until the room has been cleaned and the room key returned to the home dean before the student leaves the school.

16DORM  EDIT.Still021Room Cleanliness - Beds should be made and rooms tidy each day. Wednesday room inspection is at 8:00 a. m. by the home deans.

Campus Leaves - Residents are to seek the dean's permission before leaving the school campus during events, weekends, and vacations.

Permission must be obtained from parents or guardian for staying with their schoolmates during weekends or vacation.

Cell Phones or Telephones - A public telephone is available for local and long distance calls. Students are not permitted to use the dean's office telephone unless the permission is granted by the dean. Telephone calls are not received after 10:00 p.m., except in case of emergency. Private cell phones of the students are not permitted on St. John Mary
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Dining Services - All dormitory students are required to eat regular meals in the cafeteria. No student will be permitted
to cook for him or herself, or to take food from the cafeteria to consume between meals in his or her room. Trays for the sick are provided according to the policies of the school cafeteria. Trays, plates, spoons, and bowls from the cafeteria are not allowed in the dormitories. The atmosphere of the din ing room should always be that of a refned home with high standards of behavior and consideration for others. At all meals, students should wear neat, clean, and appropriate clothes.