Admission Requirements

Saint John Mary International School seeks to accommodate a variety of abilities and interests, but students must demonstrate average to above average grades for admission. The registrar reviews all transcripts and entrance exam before confirming admissions.

Saint John Mary International School

The Admissions Office reviews all applicant’s academic records to determine initial grade placement and applicable screening tests for Elementary, Middle and High School students. Academic records are essential in the enrollment process. Official transcripts from the previous schools are required. If records are in a language other than English, please have the records translated into English and include the certified translation with the original school record. A clearance/recommendation letter from the previous school should accompany the transcripts. This letter should speak of the student’s behaviour while attending that school.

All students will have an interview with one of our school admissions officers before being placed in classes. High school students may be required to take one or more placement test in various subjects. These assessments are designed to assist us in making an accurate placement of your child into our curriculum. One or both parents are requested to accompany the student for admission.