Special Promotions and Discounts

1. “Friend Get Friend” Promotion:


  • Ten thousand baht (฿10,000) is offered to a parent who recommends one friend’s child to enroll at SJMIS. Each newly enrolled child must fully pay tuition for the special promotion to be paid to the existing SJMIS parent.
  • A parent may recommend more than 1 child and the offer of ten thousand baht (฿10,000) is per new successful enrollment.


2. Campus development fund discounts are as follows:


  • ฿20,000 discounts offered to all new enrollments
  • ฿30,000 discounts offered to 2nd child enrollment
  • ฿50,000 discounts offered to 3rd child enrollment




  • The promotion is under the term and conditions of SJMIS.
  • Summer program is not included in this promotion.
  • This Promotion is effective for a period of 2 academic semesters (2022-2023).