Saint John Mary International School

Portal to the world

Saint John Mary International School is founded on the principles of integrity and service to others. This is where

East Meets East, And East Meets West

At SJMIS students grow intellectually, morally, culturally, and physically as they meet with individuals from all over Thailand and abroad. Here, students develop respect and tolerance for all others, regardless of religion, race, or class. Here, a student can grow into a whole person and gain an education that prepares them to become global citizens.

Ownership and Origin of Saint John Mary International School

SJMIS is owned and operated by Sang Young Mary Company. The company was founded by the late Ajarn Samai Chinapha, who is also the founder of the Saint John University of Bangkok and the Saint John School of Commerce. Ajarn Samai’s clear vision for this new school was to provide high standard, low cost school which would provide an excellent opportunity for Thai and foreign students to improve their academics and English skills.